Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What to do with all that money when we finally get there?

This is a slightly premature post because I'm nowhere near the stated goal of being a millionaire yet. But, just in case any of use eventually gets there, what should we do with some of that money?

Some might suggest an awesome car like a new Ferrari 458 or Bugatti Veyron. Of course buying one of those isn't going to leave much change out of a million. Best perhaps to think that we've got millions (plural). Right, we've got a car and a nice house now, bought a bunch of gadgets, hired a very attractive Eastern European lady to clean the house, a bunch of cool gadgets, and even donated some of all that money to charity (cause we're nice). The yacht is being steam cleaned ready for next weekend's attempt at a fastest time between Barbados and The Bahamas. So we've arrived at a place where we're not sure what to do with our money...here's what some other lunatics have done, who clearly have too much:

Kristi Malakoff makes art from money. Here's a few pieces.

This is made from three Turkish 100,000 Lira bills

This item is made of four bills, from Brazil, Zambia, Egypt and Bolivia

Won Park does much the same thing. Here's a few pieces from his gallery:

A F1 racing car made from two $1 USD

Ox made from a single USD

Photographer Philippe Petremant likes to mix up his notes and creates new portraits from the famous faces on our currency. Here's a few of his best:

Chairman Mao in cowboy hat and groovy porn star moustache.

Mahatma Gandhi’s eyes on the face of Saddam Hussein.

I'm not sure who the individual components of this are, but he looks pretty cool.

Here's a bloke who doesn't just like to fiddle with money, he likes wearing it. Obviously a few cents short of a dollar upstairs in the head, Datta Phuge from India paid £14,000 to make a solid gold 24 carat shirt.

Control yourselves ladies, Datta is looking F I N E...

But if we get really rich and want to make a statement, then here's another method of blowing your money. Follow the KLF's lead and burn it all. After their decision to leave the music industry and become artists, The K Foundation (Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty) formerly music band KLF, decided to burn a million pounds in 1994. Clearly this is mental behaviour and not at all endorsed by Investimouse. Should you be considering doing such a thing, email me first and we'll have a chat.

There you go, just some of the things we can do with money when we've got absolutely stacks of it. Till then, keep saving and figuring out how to make more of it.