Friday, 5 April 2013

Portfolio - March 2013 Update

The Team Dave Fund of Fun-ness portfolio has continued to consolidate in 2013. Now up 6% this year which is nice.

There was a bit of action on the portfolio this month. I freed up an extra batch of money to put in the ISA before the cut off point of the 5th April (today). Most of that was put to good use but have held a little back in cash in case we get the normal sell-off in May and I can pick up some cheaper shares then.

A new addition to the fund was:
Foreign and Colonial Inv. Trust which met the criteria of global investment and quarterly dividends, plus they have a buyback going on at the moment which should be supportive.

Other purchases in existing holdings:
Merchants Trust - been a good long term earner for me with quarterly dividends
Henderson International Income Trust - quarterly dividends, decent yield and global exposure.
Man Group - trying to average down so that on a rally I can finally exit this nightmare
HSBC Asia Pacific Tracker Fund - the future of the world is in here. Keep piling in money to to this to get the general uplift of both the collapse of the pound and global rebalancing.
L&G index gilts tracker fund - with inflation set to go I'm trying to protect some of it with this.
Invesco Pepetual Income Fund - Mr Woodford has done pretty well with my money over the the last couple of years. I've rewarded his diligence with some more.

Dividends in from the following:

Newton Asian Income Fund
Marlborough High Yield Fund
Utilitico Emerging Markets

for a total of £27.59 of FREE MONEY.

All in all, it's going ok at the moment.