Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Day Trader - Strike it Rich board game

Over on Kickstarter this week is a project by a bloke called Samir Lyons who is trying to get his financial based board game produced. Samir's game is called Day Trader - Strike it Rich.

 You can see that the game looks good and indeed it has been professionally designed by a company called Italic Studio in California (don't bother visiting the link, they have one of the worst websites in existence - clearly not web designers!)

It looks a lot like Monopoly and if you watch the video, Samir explains the rules which seem to follow the basics of that game. You land on a company and can choose to work there. The idea being to get more employees on the payroll of that company so the stock price of it goes up. Ultimately you need to earn $3,000,000.00 and have a retirement stock card to win the game. All sounds like jolly good capitalist fun. Exactly what us investing people like.

Here's a few more pictures to look at and if you want to see it happen, then it's just $32USD to back the project and guarantee your copy of the game.