Tuesday, 1 January 2013

December Update

Not so much going on in December, but there was a nice little Santa Rally which helped the year end positively for the Team Dave Fund of Fun-ness. Income was received from five holdings in December:

for a total of £30.18 of FREE MONEY. Excellent.

Other trades during the month included the removal of Intel and my final capitulation of Coal of Africa. Having seen management drive their crappy mines into the ground (ha!), continually give themselves more options and warrants, issue more shares multiple times during the year, fire all their staff, then hire them again, shoot their staff, etc. I can no longer be involved with them. Mining companies are the greatest liars and thieves on the planet. After we have dealt with the banks we should get a posse together and round the mining blighters up next.

2013 will be the year I finally devote to not putting money into crappy, little Aim companies who just piss it away. Never again. I hope they all rot in hell.