Saturday, 22 December 2012

We all survived the Mayan Apocalypse - Merry Christmas

It missed and left our Santa Rally intact
I'll save a wrap up of 2012 for another week or so, but obviously it's time to say Merry Christmas to everyone, and to thank your chosen deity / spiritual being / id that we survived the Mayan Apocalypse. Actually that really was a bit of a damp squib wasn't it? Pity those Mayans aren't around anymore or they'd be facing a load of law suits from angry Americans who want to know where the end of the world got to.

Just a quick reminder that at this time of year lots of the newspapers and periodicals we read like to do a little prediction of the shares they think will perform the best in the coming year. ShareTips365 keeps an eye on everyone's predictions for you so keep checking there for some new ideas over the coming year.

Just remember though, those blokes on the other end of the typewriter are more than likely going to be no better at stock picking that we are. Check out this blokes article highlighting Fortune magazines predictions of 10 stocks to last the decade;

1. Nokia (NOK: $54)

2. Nortel Networks (NT: $77)
3. Enron (ENE: $73)
4. Oracle (ORCL: $74)
5. Broadcom (BRCM: $237)
6. Viacom (VIA: $69)
7. Univision (UVN: $113)
8. Charles Schwab (SCH: $36)
9. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (MWD: $89)
10. Genentech (DNA: $150)

"The portfolio managed to lose 74.31%, with 3 bankruptcies, one bailout, and not a single winner in the bunch. "

Damning stuff. Remember, keep your eyes peeled, do your own research, and stay clear of investing in stupid liar mining companies.

Here's the mighty Darkness to liven things up and keep you rocking throughout Christmas. Ho Ho Ho.