Monday, 26 November 2012

Best Invest First - Portfolio Analysis service

I got sent this email today from Best Invest announcing their Investment Report Service.

The Portfolio Analysis service is all done online and is free (by the way, I'm not a customer of them so there's nothing in this for me).

It's a rather simple overview of your portfolio but is incredibly easy to use and perhaps worth the five minutes it takes to pop some numbers in. After tapping in the figures for each of my 29 holdings, it spat out a report detailing the quality of my portfolio. Apparently I have an incredibly risky, highly adventurous one! But I think that is mostly because it is geared towards analysing funds and not equities.

Obviously they only want this information so they can bombard you with a few emails and phone calls to get you to switch to them but after jumping ship from interactive investor and waiting more than 3 months to get back in the market again, there's little chance of me moving again in a hurry.

I was hoping for a little bit more useful information than the general overviews that are provided though. The sort of thing I would like is to know that by holding say Blackrock Emerging Markets fund and Utilico Emerging Markets trust, there is a crossover of three stocks and not to hold both....something like that. Or that maybe my allocations were a bit wonky and that I should consider moving into something else. However, I'm guessing rules on financial advice prevent that sort of behaviour. Instead you get lots of little thumbs up and down depending on what they think of various funds. Shares are all considered sideways thumbs ie. they have no opinion.

Still it was a bit of fun and might help you....