Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Oh my god, I've gone mad

I logged in to my Stocks & Shares ISA this morning to have a look at how things were going and to plan this month's regular investment. I was struggling to find any of the stocks that deserves more money thrown at it. I scrolled up and down a few times, flicked back to my stock picking list, headed to Digital Look to check the latest research, scrolled up and down a few times...then shook my head. Why was I scrolling up and down to check my stock holdings?

Blow me down.

I have 32 different share holdings! They don't all fit on the screen at once.

Where's Charlie when you need him?
I have OFFICIALLY LOST THE PLOT. Somehow since re-entering the market in 2009 I have managed to acquire 32 brilliant investment ideas.

How? Why? This can't be good. There is no way I can keep my eyes on the fortunes of 32 different entities. I have no Charlie Munger helping me out.

I'm sure Mr Buffett has something to say about this. Especially about small investors keeping their investing to small manageable numbers of stocks, sticking to a good company and then staying with it. It looks like I've caught the disease of listening to others too much. Every brilliant idea that has popped up on my radar, through other blogs, newspapers, or in my own research, appears to have been purchased. I don't currently have the time nor the vast sums of money needed to put meaningful amounts of money into the number of stocks I have.

Somehow over time, I've given up on running my HYPEG fund, morphed into picking junior minors and get rich quick companies, chosen some value companies, then added some investment trusts, some ETFs, and lately moved into index trackers. I am DRUNK on stock ownership.

And none of them have much money in them. So any improvement in their fortunes is a tiny amount of money. For example there's an ETF that has increased by 35%, a profit of £35 - or £25 once trading out of it is added in. It pays dividends but because I don't own enough of it the dividends aren't enough to reinvest in the ETF. Rubbish. Rubbish investing.

I can see kind of why this has happened. But what am I going to do about it? And should I do anything? Maybe I should just leave them all and watch them grow over time. That isn't the answer I'm sure. I think there needs to be a cull. A massive one.

I'm going to ruminate a couple of days and will post back in a bit on progress.