Friday, 30 January 2009

The End: America's Most Correct Internet Conspiracy Theorist Calls Next Market Crash

Watch out kids, the next market crash is just around the corner.

Super crazy (but so far spectacularly correct) Reinhardt predicted the slump in March then gave the exact date of the massive crash in September when Lehmans went bang.

You can visit his site here - Enterprise Corruption.

He blames it all on a shifty catholic business organisation called Legatus.

I shouldn't really be giving this the time of day, but he's been right twice and now he reckons something's going down on Feburary 9th.

What should we do? Here's some helpful tips

Just to be safe, convert everything you have into gold just like a rap star. Get your teeth done, have a jumper knitted into gold, etc. Gold will be the new currency.

Buy oil stocks - if the end is coming the oil price will go through the roof. You will be rich. Of course money will be pointless.

Plant a vegetable garden and buy a big dog to defend it. You can laugh at your neighbours as they sell their children for food while you chow down on your cabbage soup.

Get a log fire put into your home. The Russians will turn off the gas quick smart when the end comes plus you won't have enough gold to buy gas. Go buy some wood now and stock it all up.

Sell your car now. There's no point having a car when the end comes. You won't have money to buy petrol for it.

Buy lots of tinned stuff and fill the larder up.

There you go. That should help for the coming apocalypse on the 9th.

Me. I have two fingers crossed nothing bad happens. Of course, we could place a nice little short on the FTSE for that day and see what happens....