Friday, 27 April 2007

Tipster performance

Thought I'd try and do something a little different today and compare my tipping performance versus a professional. I subscribe to The Business magazine and the regular investment tipper in there is Clem Chambers from ADVFN.

So here's my performance versus him:

Fairly obvious that I'm a genius compared to the professional tipster. Of course, many of his tips may well be long term things that are going to come good eventually.

Couple of things should be noted. All trading costs are included, including both the buying and selling aspects (£10 to trade, 0.5% stamp duty). No point not including these as they are a real part of trying to make money out of the stock market. The actual price you would receive when selling the share has been used, not the bid price as I notice some professionals use when analysing their results.

I will try to keep this table up to date and include any new tips me and Clem make over the course of the year. Should be fun. Was going to add in The Times, Independent and Telegraph tips but there is just too much activity to keep up with.