Thursday, 5 April 2007

Skirtwearer Brown feathering own nest

Morning all - I think I've just discovered the tiny flaw that could possibly sink the Chancellor of the Exchequer (what does that mean by the way, surely he is the Minister of Finance like most countries call it?). Spirit duty.

Yep, spirit duty hasn't been increased in a budget for the last 10 years. Yet cigarettes, beer and wine duty go up every budget. Why? 'Cos spirits, mainly whisky in the UK, are produced in Scotland. And Gordon Brown just happens to be from Scotland. Favouritism never had a more obvious example. Shaft the English who drink beer, support the Scots who drink whisky. I'm willing to bet he even owns or has shares in a whisky distillery.

Never mind that alcohol is a terrible addiction, causes loads of problems to society and inflicts a massive burden on the NHS. Never mind that true alcohol addicts barely touch beer and wine but drink mostly spirits. Never mind all that - just feather your own nest, you dirty, money grabbing,....etc, etc.

Tell all your friends. Tell some journalists. Let's bring him down good and proper before he becomes prime minister and truly shafts the UK.