Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Groundhog Day

It's getting a bit like groundhog day isn't it?

I checked to see how things were going in stock market land and blow me if the jolly chipmunk thing had seen his shadow and declared there was going to be 6 more weeks of winter (or a few more weeks of disastrous losses).

I gotta move on to something else to make money obviously. It looks like I'm about to be a home owner again. More on that soon.

Anyway, the last thing I want to share with people today is a movie. You absolutely have to watch this:

If you don't wanna watch the whole thing (it is after all an hour long), here's the introduction. The Great Global Warming Swindle. This was a documentary on Channel 4 last week revealing the real truth behind the CO2 global warming lies. It debunks all the myths about global warming by using real science not made up nonsense and emotional pictures of polar bears trapped on ice shelfs floating past pacific islands. Until watching this I too was a rabid greenie but now I've changed my beliefs completely. I won't be doing anything to cause pollution or unnecessary consumption of our planets limited resources, but believing that CO2 will ruin our world is just plain stupid. Drive your damn car, take a plane everywhere - it really doesn't matter.

Like rampant communism in the 50's (McCarthyism) and witch hunts in Salem, mass hysteria has gripped our community (globally) and made out those who don't believe in CO2 warming to be pariahs. The documentary showed how difficult life has become for scientists to get funding for anything other than global warming studies. It showed that the earth had indeed been loads hotter and loads cooler than it is now and that this had nothing to do with the level of life on the planet but everything to do with the massive nuclear reaction going off in space called...The Sun.

Holy crap! The sun warms the planet! That is a revelation. Anyway, for those with investments in alternative fuels, this documentary should be an eye opener to you. As long as public consensus is with the highly politicised CO2 community you are going to be ok. However, as soon as the truth becomes widely spread, look out! Ethanol and other highly wasteful alternative energy sources that consume as much energy as they put out are going to be history.

I'm off to drive to the shop. It's about 5 mins walk away. Hehehehe!