Tuesday, 27 February 2007

It appears I may have angered the investment gods

Woah! No sooner had I posted about good times and my genius decisions in stock picking than the market turns and kicks me in the balls. A 150 point FTSE correction today and some nervous days ahead while we figure out what the Chinese state government wants to do about its budding capitalism.

Today, I also had a salutary lesson in watching what you are doing at all times. I have a very, very small account with betonmarkets. I had a small bet on a bit of a correction which I had down as a limit order - in other words if it didn't happen, then I wouldn't have to pay. Bugger me if the correction occurs today, but me short of the limit price in my account by 20 pence. Yes, just 20 pence! Therefore the order failed. The payout would've trebled the bet - boohoo. Idiot. Oh well, there's a lesson for me and one for you out there - watch your accounts like a hawk.

Hope no-one got too burned today.