Monday, 12 February 2007

First foray into property

With the current ISA season almost over, I've decided to use my remaining allocation in my mini stocks & share ISA to purchase another fund. This weekend Fidelity sent me a mailer promoting four of their funds at 0% initial charge which prompted me to find another grand and whack it into a global property fund.

I have no idea if this is the best fund to be in. Its only been going a few months and so is difficult to judge whether it is going to be a winner. I like the fact that it is a global fund though and am trusting the fund manager to be able to move quickly into the next growth market.

With the next ISA season starting on 5th April, I've decided to use my 2007/2008 ISA allowance with a continuation of the cash ISA and by starting a Self invested stocks ISA with interactive investor. They only charge £25 a year (loads less than everyone else) and you can hold funds, stocks, etc. in it. I reckon it has to be a better way to reduce charges on funds and means I can hold low expense, high yield ETF's - should be fun.