Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Current Share Portfolio

In my vain attempt to become a millionaire, last year I joined the ranks of people who invest in the stock market. Things have been very up and down in the market for me. I've been reading and absorbing as much as I can but aren't yet a very clever stock picker. For what it's worth, here is what I'm currently in.

Currently I have the following portfolio:

BP, GTL in my Energy section - -13% since inception

National Grid, Rentokil, Std Life in my High Yielders section - + 50% since inception

GPG, Hot Tuna, Tesco in my Growth section - +15% since inception

As you can see I've taken a bath in energy stocks completely and utterly investing at the wrong time. Call it newbie behaviour in not understanding how markets work and how energy stocks are completely tied to commodity prices. Timing is everything with them and I timed it completely wrong. If you want a good tip buy oil stocks now, not back in 2006 when I did!

My High Yielders are going great - not only earning well but up in price too. Should've picked more of them I guess.

Later I'm sure I'll divulge how on earth I ended up with these shares, my philosophy behind picking them and where I think we're heading.